Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daydreaming about Housekeeping


There are times when we will just sit and plan all the things we need to do in a day. We might make long lists of chores, and baking projects. We might even get some of those things accomplished.

But have you ever daydreamed about housework? This is something I do most mornings. (smiles) I will sit in my chair near the hearth and think about how nice my house will look after I do the work. Most of the time, I actually put those daydreams into action and get results.

Other times, if I am weak or ill, I just walk away from what has to get done, and I keep daydreaming, and smiling. I know what my house will look like, or what I want it to look like, and that makes me happy. That gets me through those days when everything seems to pile up and all one can do is laugh!

So today, if you feel like you are surrounded by flooding water in your kitchen, with cups floating down the stairs, just smile and daydream about better housekeeping days!

Mrs. White

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Not Happily Married

Marriage Proposal

I just did it. . . I removed the word "happily" from my profile description.  Does this mean I am not happy? Of course not! I am delighted and grateful to have Mr. White for my husband. We have been married for almost a quarter of a century. But for me to say I am "happily married" implies that we live in a fairy tale world.  Those words may very well discourage someone else. Why? Because marriage is not really about happiness.

Mr. White and I have stood together and faced suffering, trials, tears, discouragement and tragedy. We have been pruned and given up more and more of 'self' for the good of our family.  How can this be called "happy?"

Marriage is more about commitment and creating a lifelong family unit.  It is being together through all of life's difficulties.

Yet there is a somber joy. .  a contentment. . . a feeling of unbelievable gratefulness and humbleness in a long marriage. We are co-laborers in our home and life.

So for me to say we are "happily married" is superficial. It doesn't share the truth of the matter. And that is that we are gratefully married and have tremendous love and respect for each other. We do this through tears and laughter. 

The marriage story, the secret of a good marriage, is the sadness in one's eyes from the pain of life, but the deep reverence the couple has for each other.   Perhaps to say we are "luckily married" or that we are "blessed to be married" is more accurate. 

But the greatest description of all, is the comfort of knowing we will stand side-by-sidethrough every hardship, through every joy, and despite any pain. . . .  for as long as we both shall live.

Mrs. White

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Door to My Blog has been Closed

Tuscan Doorway, Castellina, Il Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

It was the worst of weeks. . .

I just realized I haven't written anything here since Wednesday.   We've had one crisis after another to contend with.  Anything from a call from the police station about someone in need to another person feeling distraught in another state. 

Our household has been on "active" missionary duty.   I have been praying and calmly trying to understand exactly what I am supposed to do, through each event.  I have been working on keeping steady and happy, so that others can draw strength from me, and make it through their rough times.

It's strange, because I normally blog through all my trials, finding encouragement as I type.   But this time, I couldn't even get a minute to write.

Just a few hours ago, I tried to call someone. I wanted to make sure they were okay. But no one ever answered the phone. I finally got in my car and drove over there. All was well. But I had to be reassured. . . Everything was okay.

As I sit here this afternoon, thinking about so many things, I realize you haven't heard from me.    I know some of you have been coming back, looking for the latest post and were puzzled by the silence. Like I was not home. There was no answer on the blog door. And you walked away wondering and, perhaps, worrying.

One of the greatest things in life we have is stability - a routine - expectations. When those things are interrupted, we have trouble coping.  Each day, I need to do certain chores. I need to have certain things happening that my family can expect.  And this has to happen, even in the smallest way, despite any trial or hardship that comes along.  Blogging, for many of us, is one of our routines.  For me to write each morning, helps set the course for my day. It helps ground me, and gives me courage. Kind of like that orange juice commercial, where the person is told about all the horrible things he can expect that day. But he is ready because he drank his juice.

Mrs. White

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do We Really Care About our Homes?

Sunken Garden, Kensington Gardens, London, England, United Kingdom

I've seen beautiful estates, with lush landscapes. They show pride of ownership. They show a distinction and an honor for "home."

There are those of humble means who have a sense of pride for where they live. They do their work each day, to keep things clean and neat.  (Even Ma Ingalls swept the dirt floor of the soddy house.)

I don't understand why society encourages people, in this day, to be casual with their chores. They encourage them to have messy, "lived-in" homes, and laugh at piles of dishes.  Unless there is illness of the caretakers in that residence, it shows they don't care about their home.

If we really cared about our homes, we would make sure we did our laundry and our sweeping and our dusting and our washing. We would do our dishes and clean our kitchen counters. 

I wonder if this has to do with the abundance in American culture. When we are overwhelmed with "too much," we tend to do "too little."  If we have too  many distractions, or too many possessions, it can be crippling. The abundance must be dealt with, so that we can focus on the problem, and then the solution.

Mrs. White

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Comfort in the Evening Hours

The Oettenberger Family Sitting and Talking

At the end of the day, the family gathers together for a meal and to share adventures. Sometimes the children will laugh and entertain the others. Or, there will be older teens who talk about their work day.

In old time humble homes, everyone would gather around a vintage radio and listen to the news or a program. Mother would knit or do some mending. Father might be smoking a pipe or doing a little whittling. The children might have jacks to play on the floor, or a few handmade toys. 

In other homes, someone would play the piano and all would gather round to sing. Or perhaps one could hear the sound of a banjo as the family sits on the porch playing some old country music and singing along.

In later years, with the invention of record players, the family could hear crooners like Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby.

Next, there were television sets where programs like Burns and Allen were broadcast.  Families would eat their dinner at the table and then settle down to enjoy a show together.

Families play board games, cards and checkers. This is a wonderful form of togetherness which calms and soothes the hearts of weary souls.

In these days, we have modern radios with Christian stations for sermons, music, talk and advertisements. These are also heard on car radios as we travel on errands or trips. We also have CD players to hear modern music that we enjoy.

Some kind of entertainment goes on each night in most homes. This comforts and cheers the family at the end of a long, hard day.

It is something we can strive to create - an atmosphere of happiness, and entertainment with our families.

We should look forward to the setting of the sun, as we toil on with our work, as the best part of the day - the night time for rest and reward for our daytime labors.

Isn't this just like our earthly life as the daytime, and eternal life (at death) - as our night-time?

Mrs. White

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tending the Home

A Surrey Cottage

There are many distractions, in life, which keep us from housework and a calm focus on home. These distractions can include anything from clutter and disorganization, to excessive busyness or a gluttony of  television.

A list of daily chores for housekeeping is helpful for staying on track. We also gain a wonderful sense of peace when we polish furniture, sweep floors and iron the linens.  These tasks show our love for home, if done with a right heart.

They say there is a secret ingredient in good recipes. This ingredient is what makes the food amazing and delicious. That same secret ingredient is needed for a well-kept home. It is "love."  When we put love in our work, it gives us a rising sense of honor. We will go the farthest mile, despite weariness, for the love of what we are doing.

When we care for the home, by our daily work, and with a right heart, we create an amazing retreat for those around us. But truly, we are the ones who benefit the most, because we will reap the greatest sense of peace and fulfilment.

If we truly realized the greatness of an eternal perspective, and cared for the home out of a sense of devotion for The Master, our will would be so strong that nothing could distract us from so great a task as tending the home.

"Our fair morning is at hand, the daystar is near the rising, and we are not many miles from home.  What matter then, of ill-entertainment in the smoky inns of this worthless world?  We are  not to stay here, and we shall be dearly welcome to Him whom we are going."  - Samuel Rutherford

Mrs. White

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Small Space Organizing - Review

Book - Small Space Organizing: A Room-by-Room Guide to Maximizing Your Space

Author - Kathryn Bechen

Publisher - Revell

Pages - 230

Opening this book is like inviting an inspiring designer into your life. Kathryn's wisdom is fascinating. She teaches you how to make the best use of your small home.  She also shares the "romance" of living in a tiny home.

There is more to this book than just organizing. She teaches a lifestyle of living joyful with carefully chosen items around us.  It is the complete opposite of living with too much, or living with clutter.

Chapters include "downsizing," "foyers," "lovely living," "home office heaven," and so much more.

Kathryn is an award winning journalist and an expert on decorating and organizing. This is one very special book you'll want to hang on to!

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.*

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frugal Inspiration from a Legend - Amy Dacyczyn

In the early 1990's, I came across Amy's book, The Tightwad Gazette. I was inspired to live a life of artistic, creative frugality. It completely changed my shopping life. . . At least for a time. . .

Even though I have lived frugally my entire life, despite several bouts of reckless shopping at times, and I know how to live with very little money, I found myself being extremely wasteful last month.

It  had been the best December we had in years. I had saved up a few hundred dollars, but spent it all on gifts, most of which were bought - just to buy a "gift."   I can only imagine how much cash I would still have if I had remembered Amy's shopping wisdom.

My goal is to re-read Amy's book.  I will read it slowly and re-incorporate her ideas into my daily life. (It is much like a dieter trying to change a lifestyle, rather than going on a restricted eating plan.)  I will take the ideas which mean the most to me, which will work in my situation, and will find happiness in spending little or no money.

This is not a life of deprivation, but one of amazing Yankee Ingenuity.

I first saw Amy on the Phil Donahue show. I cannot even imagine how long ago that was? I found her book at my local library and then later bought a copy.  Ever wonder what she is up to today? I found a video interview of her from about a year ago!  She still inspires me and makes frugality look amazing!

Mrs. White

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A Mile in His Shoes Movie - Giveaway

Movie - A Mile in His Shoes DVD - (Christian Film)

Rating - PG

Running Time - 89 mins.

This inspiring movie stars Dean Cain, as Arthur Murphy - a coach of a baseball team. In his travels, he stumbles on a rural farm and meets a young man (Mickey) with Asperger's syndrome. He is kind-hearted, polite, dedicated to his parents and has a great pitching arm.   The coach recruits him for his team. The father has a hard time letting his son go, showing us how difficult it is for we parents to watch our children experience life, without our protection.

We see a team come together and support Mickey. But we also see the cruelty of the real world, when a jealous player causes a serious problem. 

I loved cheering for Mickey as his skills grew. The coach is an excellent example of helping each player do their best, no matter what they are going through.

This is a wholesome family movie and is based on a true story.

The Giveaway:

How would you like a chance to win your very own DVD of "A Mile in His Shoes"?  I have one available for a giveaway. All you have to do is leave me a comment.

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This contest is closed. It was a quick 24 hour contest. -  The winner is "brandnewday"

*Disclosure - I received this movie for review purposes.*

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pleasant Hours at Home

Fun in the Snow

I love to see everyone happy and busy at home. There should be plenty of projects available so that boredom does not creep in. We have cards, board games, sewing projects, Drawing materials, and such, to occupy ourselves during our leisure hours.

In the winter time, it is good to have sleds, shovels, and other fun tools to keep children busy.  The children will run in and out of the house, with exciting news, or to take a hot chocolate break. 

Summer time is the most fun - with pools, bikes, toys and picnics to entertain the family for many hours in the fresh air.

As a Mother, I enjoy preparing foods, cleaning, tidying, and making things look nice. But I love to do this when everyone around me is happy and chatty.

As a Wife, I love to see my husband resting or watching television while I am busy working on the home arts.

When we have the older children home for a visit, or guests stop by, I want them to have plenty to do - like playing pool in our game room, or watching a nice movie.

Home is a place of industry and rest.  . . And Mother is the hostess of it all.

Mrs. White

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ideas for A Happy Home

Family Sitting on Couch

Creating a happy home is a fun job. It takes a lot of work and a cheerful attitude. But we need motivation and ideas to keep it up.

Getting Help from Teens

The past few days, as I've been getting my energy back, I didn't want to take on too much housework. So I asked my boys (14 and 19) to do some of my work. They are sweethearts and are willing to help, but my oldest son is busier. I had to come up with creative ways to motivate him to help me. Here is what I did:

I asked him to take the 7:00 pm shift in the kitchen. This would mean doing dishes and straightening up.  I asked him for help "in reverse," which means I pretended to take his side. This made us both smile.   As the time approached, I said, "I really don't want you to nag me, but I know you want me to do the dishes."  He smiled, but didn't budge. He was working on a project. When it was just about 7, I went to him again and said, "You know? You have been nagging me all day about those dishes. Can't you see I'm busy? I will try to do them in a minute." He smiled again. I walked away. He did the dishes.

Creating the right Atmosphere

Sometimes, watching old episodes of The Brady Bunch, The Waltons, or The Donna Reed show, put me in such a cheerful mood that I want to make my home pleasant and presentable.  Other times, I turn on old gospel music, or some Bing Crosby, and I imagine the 1940's housewives and how they kept their homes happy.   I have trouble cleaning my kitchen unless my lamp is on, or a candle is lit. I need my surroundings to be pretty and cheerful because that affects my mood.

Reverencing Daddy

I do my best to keep things quiet around the house for Mr. White. I also make sure he has his coffee, clean clothes and clean dishes.  I encourage the children to honor their father, by honoring him myself.  Many Dads have a special chair where they can relax.  Home should be the place these men want to come home to.

Careful with Money

We have to strive for a home- centered attitude, rather than a shopping one. The goal is to avoid unncessary spending and keeping the focus off finances, on a day-to-day basis. Money is certainly important, but it is not the main part of our daily life. We need to think more on spending time with family, reading, keeping busy with hobbies and our chores. 

We also need to keep the bills low, conserve the use of utilities and fuel for the cars.  When we are careful with our money, everyone is much happier at home.

Mother's Attitude

With so many problems facing Mothers, we need to work on having a peaceful attitude. Of course we are going to get upset, and worry about things. If we learn to seriously give things over to the Lord, and not worry about everything, we will have an easier time.

The Daily Fight

To have a happy home is going to take a daily fight.  We will fight bad news, irritating people, messes, accidents and sickness. These fights are in the mind. We fight off the negative, and work on remaining steady through it all, like the hand that does not shake in the midst of trauma.  This takes practice. It sometimes takes a lot of pep talks!  But we must remind ourselves daily that we can have a happy home - if we decide it will happen - no matter what may come!

Mrs. White

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7 Money Rules for Life - Review

Book - 7 Money Rules for Life®: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future by Mary Hunt.

Publisher - Revell

Pages - 194

Price - $12.23

Author, Mary Hunt, is well-known for her financial help, from a Christian perspective. In this book, she shares her own story of struggling with a mountain of debt, a problem with spending, and how she climbed out of it all, and got victory.

She also shares the 7 rules that helped her. She wants you to have the knowledge to  manage your money successfully.

Many people have lost their homes by foreclosures and are facing bankruptcy. Lenders have given out risky loans to families who, seeking the American dream, did not have the tools or knowledge to make the right choices.  Mary wants you to know the facts about money.

Chapter topics:

1. "The Cost of Financial Ignorance."
2. "My Story."
3. "Financial Intelligence Will Improve your Life."
4. "Rule 1: Spend Less than you Earn."
5. "Rule 2: Save for the Future."
6.  "Rule 3:  Give some Away."
7. "Rule 4: Anticipate Your Irregular Expenses."
8. "Rule 5: Tell Your Money Where to Go."
9. "Rule 6: Manage your Credit."
10. "Rule 7: Borrow only What you Know you Can Repay."
11. "Getting it all Together."
12. "The Irregular Income Challenge."
13. "Drowning in Debt."
14. "Which Bills to Pay."
15. "An Invitation to Join our debt-free movement."

In "Rule 2" she says, "No matter what your situation - even if you are up to your eyeballs in credit card debt - you must have an emergency fund. Every household needs one. The very foundation of our money management plan is liquid cash, meaning that in 24 to 72 hours you could get your hands on money you have earmarked for specific emergencies."

This is so important! This past year, we had saved a few hundred dollars, specifically for an emergency.  One day, as I was driving home, my car was making terrible noises. I pulled off to the side of the road and it completely died. I had to be somewhere in a few hours, and it was urgent! My mechanic, a friend of the family, rushed to my aid and took care of it in just a couple of hours. I was grateful we had the quick cash to pay him.

Mary also has inspiring quotes at the beginning of each chapter. This one is my favorite:

"Today, there are three kinds of people: the have's, the have-not's, and the have-not-paid-for-what-they-have's." - Earl Wilson.

Overall, this is an excellent book. I plan to send copies to my grown children. A constant stream of financial education is essential for peaceful living.

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.*

To find out more about my commercial breaks, please see my disclosure page.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Morning Visit

One of my favorite, vintage books.  {Do you see the bookmark? It is an empty m and m wrapper.}

 I am slowly feeling better.  But I will have several Jane Austen days before I am ready for normal activity.  Last night, I did a little sewing and finished an apron. I plan to cut some new material this morning. 

I am going to read passages from Beautiful for Thee, which was published in 1978. It is a charming pink book full of godly messages for wives and mothers. Each chapter is a transcript from a speaker at an event that was hosted by The Sword of the Lord publishers.  I love the vintage photographs of each speaker, and the brief description of who they were.

I am looking forward to a restful day by the fire. I will not care that chores are not being done, but I will do my best to make things look pleasant.

Mrs. White

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Smiling Mask of Mother's Pain

Mother on Couch With Daughter

We mothers deal with so much trauma. It is in our homes, in our world, and in our minds.  Right now I am suffering massively with physical ailments. Last Sunday, I woke up and tried so hard to go to church. I actually drove partway and realized I couldn't make it. I went back home and back to bed. I stayed there, off and on for 3 days. . .  I have not recovered. . .  It is a weary sort of sickness. It is not something that is contagious or that can be diagnosed. But it is disabling.

I am trying to smile and make light of it.  One minute I am up and writing, or trying to clean something, the next I am sound asleep. It is a puzzle to the children.  My step has slowed. My work is neglected.

But I am smiling, with that sort of saint-like nature that means I am helpless and grateful.

Our children deal with so much in the world. They have problems to contend with in their own lives. They need the comfort of mother's smiles.

We need to do our very best to hide our pain. We need to make home a place of rainbows and cheer, even if we cannot walk very fast, or clean as well as we would like. We must not complain or let despair overcome us. 

The children know we suffer. They live with us. They see enough of it. Our job is to encourage their innocence, and enjoy their daily antics. 

If we can endure to the end, with that gentle, smiling mask, what a sweet memory that will be, of their dear mother.

Mrs. White

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Paper Plate Society

"Setting the Table", February 16, 1957

Years ago, in home economics class, we students learned how to set a pleasant table. We were told that dining together as a family was an experience. We felt that it was an essential part of family values.  The table didn't have to be fancy, but the basic elements were there:

Plates, silverware, a napkin at each place, cups, and serving bowls in the center.

I've noticed that families are using paper plates on a regular basis. Here is the problem:

- They tend to make people eat more. Why? Because we eat quickly. Paper plates are for fast and easy meals.  

When we sit together and dine at the table, the meal goes slower. We visit with one another, smile  and enjoy the food. We tend to eat less.  The experience is savored and enjoyed.

Our society loves paper plates because no one wants to clean. The plates are a modern substitute, creating a fast food environment.  Something is wrong when we are too busy to sit down together as a family to enjoy the blessing of food.

Are paper plates wrong? Certainly not. But they should be reserved for emergencies, when someone is ill, occasional dining, or for picnics.  Paper plates should be the rare exception, not the common rule.

What if you have a busy schedule and cannot find time to sit together? Does that mean you have to use paper plates? (gentle smiles) How about setting the table, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with real dishes and enjoying the meal with whoever happens to be there. Meal times are commonly at specific times and should be an expected routine. This helps keep order and security in the home.

Dine alone, at times, if you must, but please use real plates. (gentle smiles)

Mrs. White

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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Danger of being an Unproductive Housewife

Prisca Bunau-Varilla at Home with Her Mother, Mme Herve Alphand Knitting

There is a danger in having nothing to do. Many housewives get bored at times, when they don't have a sort of vision. They need to be creative, inventive and productive.

Recently I read a post describing a barrenness in life. This is an emptiness. It made me think of a withered fruit tree that is unprofitable. This kind of barrenness can cause intense depression, misery and sadness. (It can also be caused by doing far too much that we are no longer producing good. This, too, is unproductive.)

We all know that when our children are idle, they get into trouble. But with Mothers, if we don't have something  to do, we spiral into sadness. A dark cloud comes over ones life.

When the housewife is sick or incapable of doing anything, she may read or have visitors while she is recovering. She is still being productive while she heals. But the housewife who is perfectly well, needs to find things to do that she enjoys, or that creates something.

The Lord said, "Occupy until I come." Did that mean to keep busy? To keep producing?

What about "Do all to the glory of God?"

And certainly we are commanded to rest one day of the week, and also to rest at night. It is a special, deserved rest that feels rewarding after accomplishing much, in our own small way,  for the Lord.  

I wonder if being productive  - whether in prayer, Bible studies, visiting others, creating, baking, caring for babies and children, or what have you, we are creating a fruitfulness in our lives that will bless us, and those around us.

Yet there is another danger  - it is far more serious. It is the danger of doing too much. It is a danger of taking on the whole world and destroying a restful spirit. It can make one angry, physically ill, and depressed.

In other cultures, such as Italy, family is the center of life. The people work, but at a slower pace.  I also read a lovely passage from Stepping Heavenward. The main character, Katy, was so overburdened with household tasks that she was ill and irritated. Her husband soothed her, advising her to take on only the work she was capable of. He said something like, once you feel yourself getting upset, or burdened, stop at once to rest, and be refreshed.

We are to be productive, but the ideal way for that is to do it at a steady, calm pace. This is a mysterious sort of way. It is keeping busy in an almost romantic way. It is determined, but tender. It is cheerful and pleasant, and produces lovely things in the heart and life.

Mrs. White

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Designed to Comfort Us

The Light

Sometimes when I drive my teenagers on an errand, we stop at a little store at the corner of an intersection. Across the street is a large church.  We can hear a gentle sound of hymns being played from the church bells. It is lovely. The sound calms my nerves. It soothes me. It takes my mind to heavenly things, and off my daily troubles. I am grateful to them. I wonder if they know it is a blessing to those walking by?

Sometimes I leave my Bible on the kitchen table, or the hutch counter.   When I am busy doing chores, I absentmindedly notice it and touch the cover. It slows me down for a moment, and turns my thoughts off this difficult life.

The Church, The Bible, Prayers, and Religious Duties are all designed to comfort us. They are there so we can take a break from the constant, stressful demands in this life. How would we ever survive without them? Wouldn't the light and the salt be removed? How, then, can we ever consider the neglect of these essential duties?

Mrs. White

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Friday, January 6, 2012

When Mother Doesn't Want to Go Out

The Night Before

Did you ever have some errands that you were dreading? Perhaps you didn't feel well, but those tasks could not wait?

I have had the nicest time, staying home all this week. Today, I have to go out.  But all I want  to do is stay home! (gentle smiles)

So I will have to take "home" with me.  I will bring a special book, for while I am in waiting rooms. I will bring one of my sweet children with me. (I wouldn't bring one of the grumpy ones! - smiles). 

I will buy something easy for tonight's dinner, so I won't have to dread any extra work.

I will listen to Fred Astaire this morning, while tidying my house, with a cheerful (in the clouds) outlook. Maybe by the time I have to head out the door, I will be so happy, I will forget that I don't want to go?

There will have to be some kind of reward... hmmm.... I need to think of something lovely for when I get home - as a reward for doing all the dreaded errands that have me so stressed out today....

Perhaps I will look forward to tea, a cozy fire, and reading a sweet new book that I am enjoying. 

Or maybe the idea of just having the entire weekend with no demands will be my reward.

Mrs. White

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