Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Pleasant Task of Cleaning

View from the Veranda

I often walk into a messy room and sigh. . . Yet I realize that if I don't use my creativity, the room will not look inviting.  I want my rooms to be pretty. I want my husband and children to enjoy the quiet and order of home life.

All I have to do is put away a few items. . . Then tuck in chairs. . . I straighten pillows. . .  sweep floors, and wash mirrors. Each little task is progress. Just another polish here, and a tidy there, and soon my rooms look lovely.

A messy room can be a challenge.  But more often than not, it is a beautiful way for us to enjoy the fruit of our labor. With our own efforts and skills, we can create loveliness.

Once the work is done, I sit with a cup of tea and enjoy a much deserved homemaking break.  But the greatest reward of all, is when my family walks into a room, smiles to themselves and does not say anything about it. They are content and at peace, because that is the environment I strive to keep for them.

Everything is right with the world, when Mother's home is pleasant and tidy.

Mrs. White

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Review - Courageous DVD

Movie - Courageous- Honor Begins at Home. (From the  Creators of "Fireproof.")

Media type - DVD, 129 Minutes.

Rating - PG - 13 (for "violence and thematic elements.")

This faith based film is outstanding!  Follow the lives of four cops, all fathers, and watch their lives change for the better as they resolve to change the direction of their families. 

Each man has a serious struggle in his life. But they each meet together and learn from Scripture, on what God's wants them to do.

The story line, itself, is thrilling at times, has its heartbreaking moments, and will also teach and inspire viewers to live godly lives.  I am amazed to see such a rare gem that centers specifically on men and their Christian calling. 

I want to share just a few of the things that I appreciated:

1.  A Teenage Daughter learns how to respect her father's wishes in choosing a boyfriend. I have never seen a father show such great care and commitment to her well-being. This clearly shows the modern culture our teens struggle in, and gives us a practical vision of how Dads can protect their children's hearts.

2. The exhaustion of one of the Dads, and his struggle to give up even more of his own time for the sake of his teenage son. 

3. The tremendous faith one of the fathers has in trying to find a way to financially support his wife and children.

I also love the resolutions (promises) each of these men made, in writing.  These are serious guidelines they agreed to follow and live by.

Resources have been created to go along with this movie. These include:

1. Courageous: A Novelby Randy Alcorn.
This book is amazing! It is based on the movie itself, but is an expanded version with additional subplots.  I absolutely loved it!

2. The Resolution for Men and The Resolution for Women.  Both of these books have the written resolutions, along with detailed chapters on each promise. They are designed for study groups or individual use.

*Disclosure - I received these products for review purposes.*

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Renewing of the Mind for Motherhood

Another Place III

"You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, and training them up in God's fear, and minding the house, and making your household a church for God,  as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of Hosts."  - Charles Spurgeon

Dear Mothers,

Don't let the world distract you away from the most important job you will ever have. Don't let them pull you away with promises of money, fame and good times.

Here, in our humble homes, little by little and bit by bit, our quiet, steady influence in the home will impact society and succeeding generations. But it takes years and years to see the results. It takes toiling and tears and patience.

Mothers, don't give up.  Joy will certainly come on resurrection morning.

Mrs. White

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simplifying Dreaded Obligations

The Bird's Nest

I walked the property today. (Our 2 Acre, Vermont Estate). It is peaceful, quiet, and lovely. I checked on my plants and my new garden.  It is pleasant to just keep house and to work on home tasks.

But behind these domestic scenes, I have obligations that I must keep up with. There are projects I agreed to do.   But I am dragging myself to get them finished.  I don't know why I agree to do things that wear me out and cause stress, but I do.

So tonight, I will sip on hot tea and make a long list of all the things I must do.  Then each week, I will attempt to accomplish one or two until they are all completed.

Someday I will learn only to take on projects that will bring me peace and happiness, rather than make me feel overwhelmed.

Once my list is ready, the rest will be step-by-step, until it is all cleared away and finished. What a relief that will be when it is over with!

As a reward for making this list,  I will sit on my front porch and enjoy a new book, early tomorrow morning. Then I will happily shine and sparkle my home.  And I will listen to old sermons and Gospel Music, which is my greatest hobby of all.

Mrs. White

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Economy

1911 family working together to earn $3 a week (Library of Congress Archives)

I have been spending a lot of money lately. Each day, it seems, I smile to my husband and say, "Honey, I am broke." He then gives me a little extra cash to get through the day.   I had been so careful for so long, but many things have come up to cause money to disappear.  Either someone has a birthday, event, or a need for special clothes. Or there are extra expenses. Or maybe I forgot how to be creative?

I was thinking about hard working Immigrant families from the early 1900's. Almost everyone in the family worked together (often at home) to earn enough cash to feed, house and clothe each other.  Money was not something to be squandered!  What I would like to do today is consider how they would handle special events where gifts were required.

 - If someone needed special clothes for a church event, wedding, or graduation. I am sure the pride of that family would kick in and all would work extra hard to earn enough to buy the clothes.  Contrast this with today's thinking. We would spend our bill money, savings, or charge the clothes, rather than find ways to earn all that extra money.

- If there was a birthday, they would not go to the local mall to buy all kinds of presents for each other. I am not sure what they would do, but I can guess they would make something, or pitch in together to buy one thing that was greatly wanted or needed.  Gifts were also much more rare than they are today, making them far more appreciated.

It also seems to me that money was earned for more basic purposes in the old days.   I don't understand why, even in my own mind, I have to fight against the constant supposed need for money that I tend to use and waste for my own convenience.

One of the greatest things we can do as a family, is to work together to keep expenses down. We can work together (with our own hands and talents) to cook and to bake and to create, to bless each other. 

In this rough economy, how can any of us dare to be frivolous? Sadly, I don't think I will ever shake this constant fight against wasting something so essential to basic living.

Mrs. White

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Commercial - Free Days

Foggy Road and Oak, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA

Advertising is designed to be catchy, to get into our memory. Most of us still remember decades-old slogans from companies like "Oscar Mayer," "Burger King," and "Coca - Cola."  We often remember them fondly.   Through commercials, organizations become familiar to us, and we begin to trust them. We end up choosing their products more often and even become loyal to their brand.

However, it is not necessary for us to hear or see commercials on a daily basis. We see ads in print publications, on the Internet, and in store displays. We hear them on television and on the radio. I don't think a single day has gone by that I haven't heard or been exposed to some kind of commercial.

The other day I realized how I am allowing this to happen, and it is interfering with my own creativity and plans. So what did I do? If I was in the car listening to the radio, and a commercial came on, I turned it off or changed the station. Why? Because most of the ads are not important to me. Why would I let myself listen to company pitches that I can't relate to, or that don't have anything to do with my shopping needs? It becomes junk to the mind, just like junk mail only worse - because it tends to stay in my thoughts!

Spring and Summer are easy seasons to avoid a great many commercials. Many of us are out camping, gardening, swimming and doing all kinds of quiet activities that don't require artificial items (like TV) for recreation.   We are certainly shopping in department and grocery stores, but we tend to be quick not wanting to waste our outdoor hours.   This will help limit our exposure to an abundance of advertising distractions.

Having hours, or days, of commercial - free living will keep life more simple.  Our focus should never be about what we should buy or what company we should be loyal to. It should be about church, family, creativity and daily living.  Why would we need to have a commercial break for that?

Mrs. White

* P.S. - As much as I cringe not to have an affiliate link in this post, due to the content, I had to avoid it. (gentle smiles). *

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspired to Keep House

Wife and Home, First Editions Mothers and Babies Housewives Magazine, UK, 1929
"Wife and Home, First Editions Mothers and Babies Housewives Magazine, UK, 1929"

I used to receive some lovely old fashioned magazines in the mail. These were mostly homemade or published by small companies. They focused on Motherhood and Homemaking. There were also many charming books on these subjects that supported and encouraged wives in their work at home.

Writings in these publications on subjects like cookery, mothering, housekeeping, and being a sweet and good wife were like honey to soothe the soul.

The covers were beautifully decorated with pretty gardens, handmade quilts, home canned jams and other such enticing photographs or illustrations.

Before these periodicals were around, we wives depended on our church friends, family and our memories to help us along the way.  We were taught the home arts by Mother and grandmother.  This was when it was more common for women to stay at home and pass on the skills to the next generation.

When a grand-baby was expected, mother leaned on grandma for gentle support, advice and encouragement. The extended family taught skills of child care, patience, grace and the beauty of being home, by a living example, and by loving support.

The old ways are tried and true paths of peace.  The greatest thing we mothers learned by the older generation was to ride out the storms of life without giving up. We learned endurance, and how to stand strong and tall, following the principles of godly living, no matter what was happening around us.

This is what keeps the old paths alive. We don't walk away. We don't look at other options.

We must constantly strive to perfect the peace and comfort we can give to those in our midst with our godly hospitality. This is what helps inspire the next generation to keep house.

Mrs. White

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Special Kind Of Home

Happy Home

I have visited many homemakers. I have seen a variety of decorations and ways of living. My favorite kind of interior is one that is mostly created with imagination by the mother's efforts.

 I like to see a homemade afghan over a rocker, or couch. I love to see throw pillows that were sewn by mother. I love to see simple curtains on the windows, and wild flowers in a glass bottle on a side table.

If mother has an ongoing knitting project near her special chair, I am inspired to do the same in my own home.

I love the creative efforts that are easily seen by the environment in a home.  These kinds of mothers often have little ones helping with their projects.  In this way, the children develop skills and are occupied and kept out of trouble. 

Yet, the house is often neat because an orderly, pleasant home is the daily focus. This is because it brings peace to the family and security to their lives.  A Mother will clean throughout the day, as she goes along. She will also take breaks and stop at a certain hour, but she is happily occupied with tasks of the home.

My own Mother -in-Law (a classic housewife) spent a portion of the day in discarding junk mail, or carefully storing some treasures, which had come in from the family. Her house was neat, uncluttered, and well-kept. But she worked diligently throughout the day. She made it look very easy, and to her it was!   She also had plenty of time to work in her garden, spend time resting in a beach chair, Crochet, cook, and visit with her daily guests.  Her routine was to rise very early and work in the quiet of the day, at a slow pace.   She also went to bed at a late hour, but this was because she was enjoying the day, not because she was overworked.

A pleasant home is one where the Mother does a great many things, with great joy. But it is also one where Mother has learned to wait out the seasons, and the storms of life, with patience and grace. She does not easily give up.  She has learned to keep creating, and making that home a very special place.

Mrs. White

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Lovely Day for Cleaning

Elegant Living Room
An Example of an Elegant, Clean Living Room

I had no plans for today and didn't know what I wanted to do. Can you imagine having a day off in the middle of the week?

The warmth of the morning and the beautiful sunshine streaming through my windows made me realize it would be lovely to clean!

I have been inspired lately by visiting a library in town. It is a historic building with amazing  architectural detail. Large, stately, antique furniture is in every room. There are also paintings and drawings on the walls, which gives one a history lesson of the area. It is mesmerizing.  Hmmm... Then I thought, "I wonder if I can do something similar to my house?"  Well, my parlour already looks like that. But now to work on some of the other rooms!

My cleaning for today will be partially practical and partially creative.  I shall make a long list of cleaning adventures - like vacuuming the staircase and polishing banisters. I will wash the sliding glass doors and throw out some clutter. But to make it even more exciting, I will note how long it took me to complete each item. This because I only want to work for the morning. I will only clean for 2 hours and then be free for the rest of the day.

This timed list will keep me motivated to work very fast, just for the challenge of it. I will also be able to refer to this list later when I have spare minutes and want to clean something.

Perhaps a child will walk by and beg to do one of my chores from the list. (gentle smiles) Because I make it look like such fun!

When I am finished, perhaps my home won't look exactly like that historic library, but it will be charming and lovely enough for me!

Mrs. White

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Excitement of One New Dress

The Family of the Artist, 1895

In my Mother's day, children normally had three outfits. The saying was: "One in the drawer. One in the wash. And One on your back." There were seasonal shopping trips to get a new dress (or outfit) at various times of the year. But it was nothing like today's shopping frenzy, in the modern home.

Before the "requirement" of walk-in closets, people generally had few outfits.  They had what was necessary along with one or two special (dress-up) garments.   There was no need for large closets. It was not a standard feature when building a home.

When young girls were learning to sew, they were excited at the idea of shopping for material, notions and a basic dress pattern. They would spend hours cutting pattern pieces and fabric. They would carefully sew, and try on portions of the dress. A tremendous amount of effort went into making such a dress! There was also much pride in the finished product.  Those dresses may not have cost very much, but they were treasured by each amateur seamstress. 

I still remember how much time went into making my very first dress.  I also remember selecting a pattern for a baby dress when my first child was only a few months old. I loved sewing a dress for her, and trimming the collar in lace!  I have made many girls' dresses over the years and those dresses have been cared for and enjoyed more than any store bought item. Why? Because so much time was spent on their creation.  Most of the dresses were made for a specific event or holiday, but worn many times, over many years.

Of course, in this present day, it is very inexpensive to buy a new dress. Sales at local department stores and the quality of items available at consignment and thrift shops make it very easy to find affordable clothes.   But sometimes I wonder if we buy too many dresses?  

What if we carefully sought out only one dress at a time. What if we bought one dress each season, or made one dress? Would we take our time and make a deliberate selection, rather than just buying whatever was available (or easy)?

Imagine how exciting it would be if we shopped for one pretty dress just like girls of yesteryear searched for a pattern and fabric?  Not only would we save a tremendous amount of money, but we would slowly build a lovely wardrobe of charming clothing!

Mrs. White

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Review - Don't Panic Cookbook

Book - Don't Panic--Quick, Easy, and Delicious Meals for Your Family

Author - Susie Martinez, Vanda Howell and Bonnie Garcia

Publisher - Revell

Paperback, 250 pages

This cookbook is designed to help busy moms make delicious foods, with little fuss. It is packed with amazing recipes like: "Tender Baked Meatballs;" "Swedish Blender Pancakes;" and "Steakhouse Burritos." 

Many of the foods sound like something you would order in a fancy restaurant.  Yet the ingredients and instructions are simple enough for a mom to prepare at home!

Here is some of what you'll find inside:

1. Small Bites and Appetizers
     My favorite from this selection is "Mashed potatoes in golden Phyllo dough."

2. Breakfast, Breads and Brunch
      The "Orange Cream Smoothies" sound as delightful as the "Cream Cheese Danish."

3. Soups, Salads and Sides
       I love the "Potato Soup Extraordinaire!"

4. Pasta, Pasta
       Homestyle basics like "Four Cheese Baked Ziti" and "Mac and Cheese" would be a hit with my family!

5. Crockpot Collection
        "Succulent Teriyaki Chicken" sounds amazing!

6. Easy Baked Oven Dishes
         "Rosemary Chicken with Shallots and Sweet Potatoes" would make an easy and inviting dinner for guests!

7. Grate Grills and Marinades
          Here's where you'll find "Steakhouse Burritos!"

8. Savory Skillets and Quick Sautes
        "Crispy Chicken Ranch Cutlets or Sandwiches" look fabulous!

9. Desserts Divine
       I made the "Chocolate Buttercream Frosting" and it was so easy to do! It is delicious. 

The book also contains a guide in the back, to help you with measurements and equivalents.  There are a total of 150 recipes!  This cookbook will inspire you to make exciting and easy meals.

*Disclosure - I received this product for review purposes.*

To find out more about my commercial breaks, please see my disclosure page.

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Peacefully Occupied

Suburban Housewife Hanging Out a Bit of Laundry, Seen Through Window in typical California Home

Can you imagine if we were not in a big hurry or always late? Each day, we mostly have the same routine. We know what is expected of us. So why do we rush around and have a difficult time? Why are we stressed out and feeling overwhelmed?

I venture to say it is because we are not being efficient or methodical.

It is so important to have a variety of projects going on in the home. We can get bored very easily if we only have housework to do. We need to make decorating plans, and occasionally re-arrange rooms to make them fresh and cheerful.

Simple tasks like sweeping a porch or removing weeds from the front property can be pleasant outdoor work because we can enjoy some quiet and fresh air.

Doing some late afternoon ironing to get a pretty outfit ready for the next day will keep us from being rushed.

Efficiency can be used during housework by combining other tasks at the same time. When on the phone - clean out a purse or peel potatoes. When cleaning the living room, wear (light) ankle weights for an extra boost of exercise. When removing clutter from a desk or counter, watch a little educational television or listen to pleasant music.

Keep to a standard routine. Meals should be at certain hours. Heavy chores should happen at specific times. Eventually, they will be common and memorized, and seem to happen on their own.

If we make homemaking the focus of our lives, the one thing we master and do well, we are more likely to be peaceful, and less likely to be distracted.

An expert at something is confident and peaceful.  But it takes a lot of practice to get there. At first there will be mistakes and clumsiness. But if we keep at it, eventually we will be occupied at home in a way that is greatly admired. This will also bring us a tremendous amount of pride in our daily work.

Mrs. White

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Spiritual Homemaking

Sand Verbena and Dune Primrose Wildflowers at Sunset, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California

I read somewhere, that long ago, a group of peasants would meet together for morning worship before they started their day's labor. The joy from that meeting filled their hearts and minds with holiness and it stayed with them while they worked.  It has been reported that the sound of their hymn singing echoed through the fields. Then at the noon hour when they dined on their humble food, they eagerly sought the comforting words from the Bible and the warmth from their joint prayers. They were again able to go back to work with that same joy.  In the evening, after the work was completed, their worship time refreshed them on their path in this life, and kept them going with pleasant thoughts of Heaven and doing God's work.  They knew where the source of life came from.

Yesterday I read from the journal of John Wesley (1700's). He wrote how he spent his days, while on a ship with fellow laborers during a week's time. They rose at 4 am for private prayer, had public prayer and did all manner of religious duties throughout the day. The private prayer time included Bible reading, praying and learning.  He also encouraged passengers and taught those, who were eager to learn, of God's way.

How can I not be ashamed when I compare my own life with those who have gone on before me?

I am caught up in the distractions of a modern world, and listening to the lies of a culture. It is a constant, daily battle to even attempt to do as Wesley and the Peasants did!

In our homemaking, we can find an efficient way to keep house and be good mothers while we spend our time in spiritual endeavors.

- We can listen to sermons (on the computer, CD or DVD) while we dust and sweep and wash.

- We can sing old time hymns (or listen to them) while we work.

- We can force ourselves (through discipline) to have daily Bible time twice each day (morning and evening, which is the least we can do, and was the custom of Christians for centuries.)

- We can choose to pass aside pop literature of today, or meaningless gossip-type biographies, and choose wholesome, old time books * that will encourage us on our holy way.

Remember that the center and foundation and purpose of our lives, is to glorify God and enjoy him forever (as the catechism says).  This must be our focus, which will pour out with joy to those around us.

The result of this Spiritual Homemaking?  A face that shines (like the veiled Moses on the mount) with radiant holy joy. How can that not impact and inspire those around us?

Mrs. White

* The link goes to a publication by Hedrickson, which is a trusted publisher.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seeking Quiet

Carmel Valley in Spring

Some mornings I am so rushed with things to do, lately, that I can't seem to sit still long enough for Bible Study and prayer. Has it become a forgotten priority?

I used to teach my children to "tune out" the noise and chatter around them so they could do their schoolwork. I need this advice myself!

Sometimes, when I have free time, I choose to use it unwisely. I waste it.

I get so tired from all the excitement that I seek recreation in an old movie, rather than reading my Bible first.

I see pictures of Bibles opened on a table, and I see the beautiful words, and I yearn for the reading of it, but I do it not.

Discipline is difficult. To discipline oneself to do essential things for one's own good is easy when we don't stop. But painful when we have to keep re-starting and re-training ourselves to do the good and the right.

If only today could be the day I get back on track with everything that is important, I would be delighted.

Mrs. White

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Attempting a Garden

Every year, I dream about having a garden of my own. We have a 2 acre Estate in rural Vermont, and an old 1800's house.  This past Mother's day, Mr. White took  me to a greenhouse and let me pick out any plants I wanted. I chose broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and green peppers.

These were brought home and placed into a small greenhouse I had bought a year ago (but never used). We set it up outside in the back, near our picnic tables. I am to use the tables as a work area.

Yesterday, I walked out into the beautiful rain, to check on my mini-garden.

 I had to wear my winter coat since it is still a bit chilly here.  But I loved being outside for such a dramatic purpose!

My garden looks good so far. 

I also planted some flowers, peas, and herbs in some of the smaller containers, to see what happens. We even had some strawberry and blueberry plants! I will have to move some of these plants into the ground soon. But I can't do that without Mr. White's help!

I hope your gardening endeavors are going well!

Mrs. White

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Electricity as an Entertainment Expense

Gingerbread House Details, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA

Many things we use today for recreation are run with electricity. We watch television, DVDs, play video games, listen to stereos, and use computers. In many homes, there is more than one television set in use at the same time!

We also tend to (unknowingly) be more wasteful. We leave too many lights on, overuse the clothes dryer, and use far more water than necessary.

There was a time when electricity was only considered possible for those who had money to spare. Air conditioners, fans and even electric refrigeration was foreign to many struggling families up until the mid 1940's.

There were other ways to entertain oneself before the days of excess electricity consumption.  My childhood home had a large piano in the living room.  We children had such fun with it, even though none of us had formal lessons.  We also spent many hours outdoors - playing, running, riding bikes, having get-togethers, doing yard work, dreaming, visiting and enjoying the fresh air.

When someone, in my childhood home, was ill, a small portable television set was brought in for their use while they were bedridden for a day or two. This helped keep them comfortable and entertained while they recovered.  But it was not normal to watch lots of television, or have more than one unit running, in everyday life.

Something that might contribute to overuse of electricity is the lack of hard work being done in, and around, the home. Years ago, we would see mother sweeping the porch, hanging laundry on the line, gardening and cleaning, or decorating the home. She would wash windows (both inside and out), polish patio furniture and clean out the car. Dad would be seen playing ball with the kids, mowing the lawn, doing house repairs, and taking pride in the way his house and yard looked.   Parents found joy in taking care of the house, which made the short time of evening recreation more valuable.

I wonder what would happen if we limited the use of electricity during daylight hours.  We could use those hours to be productive and creative.  When the sun sets, we could use the unnecessary types of electricity that we all enjoy - for computers, television and the like.  This would seriously reduce our electric bills!  But most of all, it would simplify our lives and make it more rewarding.

Mrs. White

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