Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Amusing Morning in The Garden

Lilacs are in bloom

I can see beautiful lilacs from the second story window. This is the view from my parlour, in our old 1800's house.  As I sat here and did a little reading, Mr. White told me there were butterflies in the bushes. I was so excited, I grabbed my camera.  He helped me take out the window screen. But my vision was too far away.

I gave him the camera. It is a digital camera and he didn't know how to use it.  I gave him an easy lesson and watched as he went to the front property.

Photo Credit - Mr. White

Mr. White is over 6 feet tall. I knew he would get some good shots. I happily followed him outside. I tried taking pictures too, but mine didn't come out as well as his. (I am a foot shorter than Mr. White.) The photograph below is one of mine.   I bet you can't even see the butterfly!

Photo Credit - Mrs. White

When we came back into the house. I told Matthew (18) and John (13) about the pictures. Matthew smiled. He was amused. "Is that what Dad was doing out there? Taking pictures of flowers?"

Photo Credit - Mr. White

For someone who has never used a digital camera, I'd say he did a marvelous job. And that, my dears, is what I call a lovely morning here in Vermont.

Mrs. White

Housekeeping Despite Illness and the Lighting of Our Outdoor Christmas Trees.

Making Things Nice - Pretty Things Around the Home.

Homemaking - Taking a Break that is Deserved.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Christian Home - Issue 17

Welcome to the seventeenth issue of The Christian Home, a weekly Blog Magazine posted every Monday morning.

Each article was submitted by various Christian Blog Authors. I am grateful for their participation. I hope you enjoy visiting them, reading their work and spending some time getting to know them at their own blogs.  If you would like to write for us, please see the instructions at the end of this post. For your enjoyment, there is a selection of music at the end of this issue. Please feel welcome to play the song while reading this magazine.

Mrs. White

May you be blessed on this Memorial Day!

Design and Decorate

Vases of Pink Tulips and Blossom on Table Laid for Coffee

Featured Columnist -Deanna presents  Decorating On The Prairie   posted at Home Haven Ministry


American Dollar Bill Paper Clipped to Accounting Book

Featured Columnist - Kristen Hamilton presents Window Shopping posted at A Day in the Life.

Gardening and Flowers 

Garden Room

Featured ColumnistBriana presents  Improving Soil: A Simple Project  posted at I Can't Decide.

Home Business

Jersey City Family Working at Home to Assemble Lamp Shades for the Idealite Company

Featured ColumnistKathy Brodock presents A Typical Week for Us- Sort-of - Family Tidbits   posted at Teaching Good Things.

Modest Fashion

Jackie Kennedy, Wife of Sen, Cutting Out Newspaper Clippings Next to Open Scrapbook

Julianne presents  The Modesty Quest- Revelations  posted at New Every Morning.


Dinner on the Terrace

Featured Columnist - Heather presents  It's Grilling Time! posted at Marine Corps Nomads.

Lorie presents Frugal Hospitality posted at The Midlife Housewife.


Family Seated Around a Hearth

Featured Columnist - Angie Wright presents When Abundance causes Murmuring and Grumbling posted at Petra School.


Billy Graham with His Four Children and Wife, Sitting Down for a Family Supper at Home

Featured Columnist - Susan from Homeschooling Hearts and Minds will be back with us again next week.


Movies and Music

It's a Wonderful Life, Donna Reed, James Stewart, 1946

Featured ColumnistLaura O in AK presents Music for Celebrating Memorial Day posted at Day By Day in Our World.

The Godly Home 

Hometown Chapel

Featured Columnist - Molly presents A Godly Home - It's Alive!!! posted at Dancing in the Light of His Glory.

Gina Glenn presents Thy Word is Truth - Establishing the Authority of the Bible in the Home posted at A Cherished Keeper.

Young Adults

Teenagers Pushing an Old Jalopy

[I am looking for a columnist for this section. It must be a young adult who is an established blogger.]

Gentle Humor

Peanuts: Never Ever EVER Give Up!

Featured Columnist - April E. presents Yet another reason NOT to fold laundry posted at ElCloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet. She says, "being brutally honest."


Thank you so much for reading!

To submit your work for consideration, or to find out more about The Christian Home magazine, just visit the about page.

The Entire Christian Home Series.

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Winner of Reshaping it All and a challenge

I have greatly enjoyed the book, Reshaping it All by Candace Cameron Bure and Darlene Schacht. I reviewed the book and offered one copy in a giveaway. The winner was supposed to be chosen on May 26, but thunderstorms and internet troubles caused a delay.

Today, I am delighted to finally announce a winner. I was so excited when this dear lady's number came up on Random.org.  She is a fellow TOS Crew member and a great blessing. I know she will love this book.

Who is the winner? It's Debbie from Debbie's Digest!! Congratulations!!

Thank you so much to all who entered!

Did you know there is a wonderful challenge going on at the Reshaping it ALL website? You can join anytime for support and encouragement. 

Mrs. White

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Missing Church on Sunday

Indian Summer I

I love Sunday mornings. I love that we are all dressed up and ready to go worship the Lord together at Church. I love the sight of my family walking into the building, holding Bibles.

But, sadly, today I must stay at home. I have been worn out this past week and I have to miss church.

Since I will be at home. . .

1. I will look through my hymn book and read the songs.
2. I will watch Charles Stanley on Inspiration television.
3. I will do only minimal housework.
4. I will read from the Psalms - perhaps all of chapter 119.

Very often, Grandpa and Nana (who live with us) have health issues and aren't able to attend church. On those days, I can hear the sound of an old country preacher coming up through the house. Grandpa has cassette tapes of sermons from the old south, including the sermons of his late brother, who was an amazing preacher.

I also hear old gospel music throughout the house. Those are the happiest, most comforting sounds of all. Hearing Preachers and Gospel music, to me, are the sounds of home - whether it is Sunday or any other day of the week.

When you must stay home from church, what do you do instead?

Mrs. White

What was life like for A 1950's Housewife?

When things are really difficult - Brave Mothers Who Walk into Walls.

Making things nice for the family - Waking Up To A Cozy Kitchen.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Seclusion of Home

Cottage Stream

It's been a rough week around here. We've had thunderstorms, power outages and internet loss. My teenagers and older children have been through trials. I've heard frustration. .  and complaints . .  and tried to soothe the tears. The world around us can be a painful place.

I have been working here- and- there around the house, as I have been able.  But the mere act of getting up in the morning is becoming too much. I am exhausted.  Maybe this is another forced rest?

I am going to have to really pace myself.   Earlier today, I actually craved a cane. I thought it would help keep me steady.  It's not that something is wrong with me, necessarily, just that life throws a lot of painful things my way. While I can endure it emotionally, it takes a physical toll.

This is why I love the seclusion of home.

This is the place where I can recover.  This is the precious place where hearts can be made whole. . . and weary souls can find rest.

May it be so.

Mrs. White

Creating Beauty with -  The Romance of Home.

When I am well, I love - When Mother is Productive.

A heartwarming, inspiring Song - My Mother's Faith.

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Vintage Healthy Home Link Up

1950's - The White Family Kitchen

It's time to Link-up your posts! 

In the 1950's, families were more active, ate healthier foods and had more family time. Convenience foods had not yet come into fashion. This made for healthier homes! We want to bring back a more vintage lifestyle. 

Writings can be about anything related to Family happiness, Family game time, Family health, Mother's fitness, Outdoor activities and Nourishing foods. All you have to do is write something on your family-friendly blog and then come here to link-up! - Older posts are okay too!-

Just remember to link back to this post, so everyone else can enjoy all the submissions.

If you need a graphic or would like to read the introduction to this Link-up, please go to the Vintage Healthy Home Invitation. 

NOTEThis edition is so late. I apologize.  I lost internet last night and am just now getting it back. I have also been very weary. I hope to get back to regular posts soon. I appreciate your patience!!

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