Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Wife Who Does Not Complain

A 1950s Family Living Room

We all want a peaceful, happy home. The greatest advice I can offer is for a wife to avoid murmuring, mumbling and being discontent.

A wife who does not complain is a virtuous asset to her husband.

I was reading about the life of a famous Rabbi,  The Story of The Chofetz Chaim (Artscroll Youth Series). He was well known and well respected, even though he did nothing that would be considered great by the world. He lived humbly and simply and devoted his time to the study of Torah and living a godly life. He often said that his success in life was because of his wife, saying, "she was satisfied with dry bread and never asked for nice clothes or beautiful furniture and the like."

How often do we wives wish we had nicer things around us? How often do we sigh and say, aloud, that we need prettier, newer clothes? How often do we make our husbands feel as if they are not good enough providers?

If we could only remember that we are pilgrims and strangers on this journey, and stop being so distracted by the glitter of the world around us, perhaps then we will have a true eternal perspective.

Mrs. White

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The Christian Home Issue 28 - 29 - and 30

The latest issues of The Christian Home Magazine have been published:

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I hope you have a little time to visit these blogs and read all the articles. Everyone has such a good time putting together their submissions for this magazine.

Mrs. White

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When Couples Dream


I was reading wedding cards at the supermarket this morning. The many cards talked about the new bride and groom and how exciting their new, life-long adventure was going to be. The couples were all dressed up and smiling. They had dreamed- a- dream of an engagement, a marriage and a happy home.

But sometimes, as the years go on, the couples get trapped in their weariness. They are bogged down with bills and stress. They start getting into a rut, where they are just surviving. The brightness and joy has faded and all we see is sadness in their eyes, as they go about their life.

I think couples forgot to keep dreaming.

I have heard of newly married young people who dream of owning a new house, or having a baby. They dream of owning businesses and having a fulfilling job. They dream of a sweet, happy home.

As they get older, the dreams must change. Perhaps they already have the children. Maybe they already have the lovely home. Yet, they must still dream. These dreams, these visions and goals, bring joy and hope. They can cheer the heart and help us go on.

So today, I must ask you.... Have you stopped dreaming?

Mrs. White

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is Mother at Home?

Souvenir of the Villa Borghese, 1855

It takes a lot of effort to make a happy home. We mothers deal with trials and moods within our families. We have lots of housework, planning and errands to attend to. We also must keep our spiritual lives in order.

Spiritual duties of Bible reading, prayer, listening to hymns (or singing them) and spiritual songs are what help to nourish our souls. These are required on a daily basis to help keep the toxic world around us from causing us harm.

I read this beautiful analogy from the 1800's book, Aunt Jane's Hero. She described a yearning for Heaven, that had to do with wanting to be with Jesus. It wasn't about the siblings, babies or loved ones that went on before us. While being with those precious people again is our goal, we are seeking the eternal presence of Jesus because He is the foundation of it all; and the sweetness that we crave. The author of Aunt Jane's Hero, compared this with a child who comes home. He walks in the door and calls out, "Is Mother at Home?" If he finds that mother is there, he is content and secure and happy. It doesn't matter if Daddy is there or if siblings are there, for they may come home soon. But the center of the home - Mother - the shining light of it all, is what brings the sweet, relieved smile. This is the presence we yearn to go home to.

I want to be just like that Mother. But I fail miserably. I want everyone to come home and say, "Is Mother here?" And I want them to smile and seek me out. I want to provide them with selfless love and servant-hood to bring them great joy in our humble home.

Mrs. White

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The Christian Home Magazine - issue 27

Dear Readers,

Monday's The Christian Home weekly blog magazine ran for 7 months. Recently, when I lost my home computer, I had to stop producing each issue. After several weeks, 3 of the regular writers graciously offered to take turns hosting future editions on their own blogs.  The newest issue is hosted by Angie at Petra School. I hope you will take a few minutes to visit and read the articles.

We also added a new feature. If you remember my Vintage Healthy Home link-up (part of the Fit Mommy program) on Friday's, you'll notice it has now become part of the Christian Home Magazine. We have a host-writer for this, and you are invited to visit her site and share your fitness check-ins! This will start within the next week.

New issues will be published every Monday Morning. Thank you so much for reading!

Mrs. White