Sunday, June 7, 2015

An Ordinary Life at Home

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Most housewives used to rise very early in the morning. They would do the wash and then go out into the fresh air, in the quiet of the day, to hang the clothes on the line.  This was a peaceful work.  This was a time when they could pray, praise the Lord for his goodness, and enjoy some little moments of solitude.

A Homemaker would spend time in the kitchen, making a homemade breakfast, standing near the kitchen window doing dishes and making home a pretty place to be.

Sweeping, washing floors, dusting furniture, folding laundry, and making home pleasant and comfortable brought joy to grateful hearts.

Mother would read the Bible and pray.  She would do mostly the same things each day.  The routine brought stability and comfort to the family.  Most everyone had the same kind of home - an ordinary home - where Mother was home and she took care of housekeeping. 

This quiet life was like living out in the country during a winter holiday.  It was like the days when there were horses and buggies, and travelling was not common before automobiles became the normal mode of transportation.  Staying at home, tending the home, caring for the family, and helping others was ordinary.

This type of life is what the current generation is missing. They are starving for something they have never personally experienced.  They are used to technology, multi-tasking, entitlement, self- absorption, and the frantic pace of the constant bombardment of modern advertising. 

An ordinary life at home is one of the greatest needs of our time. We need mothers who will peacefully tend the home and genuinely love to be there.  They need to be brave and patient.  They need tender hearts and self-less spirits.  The keeper of these ordinary homes are best found among those who are on their knees in prayer, and in those who find their greatest joy in reading the Holy Scriptures. 

Mrs. White

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